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For the primary time in historical past: A paralyzed man did the unimaginable!

a chip implanted in the brain allows a paralyzed person to tweet!

A paralyzed man has posted his first tweet… directly after a computer chip was implanted in his brain,

according to the British newspaper, The Independent. Philip O'Keefe, a 62-year-old Australian, Suffering from a neurological disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), he tweeted using only his thoughts, via a brain-computer interface developed by a neurotech startup called Synchron.

O'Keefe explained: Commenting on what he did -… he said, “There is no need to use computer keys to write or pronounce words, for example, this tweet wright it… with just by thinking about it.”

This was stated in the tweet that was published on the “Twitter” site, on the account of the company’s CEO, Thomas Oxley.

a chip implanted in the brain allows a paralyzed person to tweet! (

O'Keefe not only posted one single tweet… but after sharing the first tweet, he posted 7 more tweets, responding to Twitter users' questions. The Stentrode was first implanted in April 2020 after O'Keefe's health deteriorated to the point where he was no longer able to engage in work or other independent activities.

After tweeting, O'Keefe said: “The first time I heard about this technology, I knew how much independence it could bring me back…And he said it was an amazing system! It's a lot like learning to ride a bike, it takes practice, but once you get used to it, it becomes very natural.”

For the first time in history A paralyzed man did the impossible! (

He added…
“Now I'm just thinking about where I want to click on my computer, so I can send emails, shop, do banking, and now I can send messages to the world on Twitter.” :

According to the British newspaper:
The Stentrode Special Device allows synchronization and direct communication between the human brain and the computer without the need for writing or speaking.



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