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Together with that inexperienced tea makes you drop some pounds. These are the most typical medical myths within the Arab world


Myths discover their manner amongst us by means of gossip and repetition, and they don't seem to be simply restricted to tales advised earlier than mattress, however have unfold to succeed in the scientific and medical realms. Subsequently, there stays a continuing must refute the validity of false data rumors that encompass us by in search of scientific proof, along with what specialists and researchers inform us. A few of these myths may cause well being or materials harm. , and may hamper medical efforts. to teach the neighborhood, and what's going to come subsequent is the affirmation What we're referring to.

The gum (gum) stays within the abdomen for seven years!

Frankincense – as you all know – is for chewing not swallowing, that's the function of constructing it, but when an individual swallows incense it won't settle of their abdomen for seven years, as moms say to youngsters, all that is the deal is that the physique can not digest incense as a result of it accommodates manufactured substances, so it's transmitted The abdomen goes to the intestines in its periodic motion by which the meals is handed on after which comes out with the stool, identical to when a toddler swallows a bit of metallic and his dad and mom discover it within the stool. This is applicable to all issues the physique can not chew, equivalent to popcorn shells (scorching popcorn), however in uncommon circumstances if an individual swallows a considerable amount of gum in a short while, this gum will construct up, inflicting a blockage within the intestines, and this can require emergency medical intervention, however the case will not take seven years in any case (1).

Inexperienced tea helps to drop some pounds

Effectively, that is a quite common fantasy. In a scientific evaluation printed on the Cochrane Library, which brings collectively the best high quality scientific analysis (2), after analyzing the scientific information of 14 scientific trials carried out on greater than 1,500 overweight or overweight folks to judge the impact of inexperienced tea on their weight The examine confirmed that inexperienced tea helped individuals in a few of these experiments lose 200 grams to three.5 kilograms of their weight, after consuming inexperienced tea for 12 weeks.

The inexperienced tea utilized in these experiments is tea extracted from tea leaves in scientific laboratories to acquire a excessive focus of lively substances essential for the looks of the impact of inexperienced tea on weight, however this doesn't apply inexperienced tea luggage out there at grocery shops. , as a result of the focus of lively substances in them is decrease A lot of that extracted within the scientific laboratory, and based mostly on this scientific data; It may be stated that the usage of inexperienced tea luggage out there in grocery shops doesn't assist in weight reduction.

As well as, unintended effects of inexperienced tea have been recorded, ranging in severity from delicate to average, equivalent to hypertension and constipation, and in relation to safety in opposition to coronary heart illness, weight reduction ensuing from the tea inexperienced doesn't result in any enchancment. within the signs of those ailments.

Vitamin “C” or “C” protects in opposition to colds

This can be a fantasy that's not solely believed by abnormal folks, however has even entered prescriptions! Vitamin “C” or “C” is obtainable in lots of greens and fruits equivalent to berries and strawberries, and many individuals settle for the vitamin by means of meals or dietary dietary supplements because of the extensively held perception in its significance in defending in opposition to the widespread chilly, and even by consuming it. giant portions to realize this, and this data is virtually incorrect.

Some dietary dietary supplements include greater than ten occasions the physique's want for the vitamin, however the physique can not retailer it and the surplus is excreted within the urine inside hours. As for the impact of the vitamin within the safety in opposition to the widespread chilly, based on 29 research printed within the Cochrane Library Included in over 11,000 individuals (3), vitamin C has been proven to not defend in opposition to the widespread chilly, even in individuals who took it in giant quantities, or for a number of years.

Research have additionally added that taking vitamin C can cut back the period of a chilly little or no, for instance, as an alternative of the period of the an infection being 7 days, it will likely be round 6 days, and this doesn't not happen in individuals who take the vitamin after chilly an infection, and its extreme consumption causes diarrhea.

An exception is for people who find themselves subjected to very strenuous work equivalent to mountain navy coaching in very chilly areas, the place taking vitamin C for 2 to a few weeks earlier than coaching can lower the period of colds in half, however doesn't defend in opposition to them.

Psychological issues enhance when the moon is full

It's generally accepted that the lunar cycle impacts the psychological well being of people, and extra significantly the complete moon section, based on the remark of the variety of listeners acquired by psychological well being and psychiatry clinics, the final of which n It was that a couple of weeks in the past when the moon was full with a lunar eclipse witnessed by some Arab international locations, and whereas it was agreed on the validity of this perception, greater than 80% of psychological well being professionals, this concept is scientifically incorrect (4).

A gaggle of medical researchers tried to estimate the variety of sufferers with psychological well being providers in emergency departments over a 41-month interval and through phases of the lunar cycle (5). enhance in psychological issues is linked to the section by which the moon is full or full, and these outcomes are in settlement with many different research, together with a examine that was carried out over ten years and tracked the variety of listeners and of sufferers in psychological well being providers through the phases of the lunar cycle all through this era, and his outcomes confirmed the absence of an A relationship between the complete moon and the rise in psychological issues or the deterioration of the psychological well being of the people (6).

Abdomen ulcers attributable to stress or spicy meals

Some affiliate the incidence of abdomen ulcers with the psychological stress that people are uncovered to, and though there's controversy within the scientific neighborhood in regards to the validity of this data, the proof for its validity is weak (7 ). The principle causes of abdomen ulcers are two issues. The primary is H. pylori an infection, or overuse of over-the-counter ache relievers like Trufen or Diclofen. ).

Bacterial an infection causes ulcers in 40% of victims, whereas painkillers result in abdomen ulcers in 50% of victims, and psychological stress can result in behaviors that irritate abdomen ulcers or make them worse. equivalent to smoking and taking painkillers. to alleviate ache ensuing from psychological stress equivalent to complications and muscle aches (8).

As for spicy meals, they don't trigger abdomen ulcers, fairly the opposite, a number of scientific research have been capable of show the power of pepper to cut back the secretion of gastric acids, which makes it a drugs in opposition to abdomen ulcers. abdomen, particularly in individuals who eat it. a lot of painkillers (9).

Ingesting water whereas consuming is dangerous

One other fantasy that has all the time been conveyed by our moms once we have been youngsters is that ingesting water whereas consuming is dangerous. Certainly, ingesting water throughout or after a meal is helpful to facilitate the digestion course of, however is important to assist the physique. absorbs vitamins from meals, protects in opposition to constipation and is a wholesome different to different drinks equivalent to gentle drinks (10), and scientific research have additionally proven that ingesting water is linked to weight reduction and discount waist circumference, particularly if the water is drunk earlier than meals, or used as an alternative choice to gentle drinks, soups, dairy, or some other beverage in an individual's eating regimen (11).

The fan causes a chilly

That is maybe some of the widespread data, and it was even a topic of sarcasm through the summer time wave of Corona, folks all the time warned a few of them in opposition to standing or sleeping within the fan or going out with moist hair as this causes a chilly, however the primary reason behind a chilly is transmission of an an infection from a sick particular person Via bodily fluids equivalent to droplets unfold throughout sneezing or cough, or by means of nasal mucus, colds, like coronavirus, is a viral illness attributable to an analogous virus.

Subsequently, safety in opposition to colds consists of washing arms with cleaning soap and water or utilizing hand sanitizer if they don't seem to be out there to make sure the elimination of liquids which have reached the hand. a sick particular person, in addition to cleansing the lavatory and kitchen utensils if a member of the family has a chilly and doesn't share kitchen utensils with them Don't be close to the affected particular person, take note of their well being physique by maintaining a healthy diet meals, exercising and getting sufficient sleep (12).



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