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Algeria crowned the Arab World Cup in Qatar by defeating Tunisia ⚽🥅🥇

توجت الجزائر بكأس العالم العربي في قطر بفوزها على تونس

Today, the Algerian national team crowned the Arab Football Cup after beating Tunisia 2-0 in the exciting final match that was held at Al Bayt Stadium, which will host the opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – and witnessed the attendance of more than 60,000 spectators.

The original time of the match ended in a goalless draw, and it was extended for two additional periods

In the 99th minute, substitute Amir Saoud scored Algeria's first goal with a missile kick. Yacine Brahimi added the second goal in the fifth minute of overtime for the second overtime period.

This match was held on Qatar National Day, and let me tell you that today is the same day as the 2022 World Cup Final!! The matches were attended by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who handed the Algerian team the championship trophy.

The first half was very exciting! The Tunisian team dominated the match from its beginning, and the game was limited to half of the Algiers stadium for a quarter of an hour, and the crossbar saved a goal with a neat header from Tunisian defender Bilal Al-Ayfa in the 14th minute.

Yacine Brahimi was gain the best player in the tournament.(

Only 5 minutes passed before Rais M'Bolhi saved another dangerous Tunisian attack from an individual effort from Naim Sleti, who finished it with a wonderful shot, which M'Bolhi brilliantly turned into a corner.

The Greens responded with a more dangerous attack led by Baghdad Bounedjah from the left side, and passed a ground cross to Tayeb Al-Mazyani, who missed it close to the Tunisian goal.

Thus, the original time for the match ended without a winner or a loser

The players of the two teams were tired in the first extra half, but the substitute Amir Saoud – who participated in the 66th minute as a substitute for Al-Mazyani – surprised everyone with a missile shot that smashed Tunisia in the 99th minute.

The Carthage Eagles attacked in the hope of making up for the delay with a goal, and this resulted in an aggressive shot by Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan in the 115th minute, but Mbolhi saved it.

The Carthage Eagles took advantage of the Greens' retreat to defend the goal of progress and launched some attacks, amid Algerian defensive determination, the most dangerous of which was Firas Belarabi's missile shot that passed next to the left post of Mbolhi in the 11th minute.

The referee calculated 3 minutes as added time for the second overtime period, but he played 5 minutes, and the fifth minute witnessed the Tunisian goalkeeper rush to participate with his colleagues in the last corner kick for them, but the wind came with what he did not want and the ball rebounded to Yassine Brahimi, who advanced the ball alone in the Tunisian team’s half. To score the second goal for Algeria.

Algeria crowned the Arab World Cup in Qatar by defeating Tunisia (

Thus, the title of the Arab Championship was decided for Algeria. Winner of the last edition of the African Championship.

Yacine Brahimi was also gain the best player in the tournament.(

Yacine Brahimi was also gain the best player in the tournament.🥉🥇

Yacine Brahimi was also gain the best player in the tournament.(


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